Registration and participation conditions / Terms and conditions

The present terms and conditions of registration and participation - hereinafter referred to as Terms – regulates the usage of the webpage, furthermore the legal relationship, operation and termination of the parties involved.

The Social Lottery Ltd. provides the possibility of playing lottery in closed groups on lottery games operated by the national lottery organizers, in compliance with the legal frameworks for gambling services.

The basic objective of LOTTOINGROUP.COM is to collect the social lottery players on one single website, by operating a common portal for participants with the range of similar interests, in this particular case people who are interested in lottery and also playing lottery actively.

The game is realized by the help of the Social Lottery Ltd. in frames of state lotteries. The site is not engaged in gambling activities, merely conveying the contract between the members of various gaming communities.

The present Terms define the frames of participating in the game and also the legal relationship between participants, based on the existing legislation, as well as the relevant provisions of the Civil Code.

1. General regulations

(1) The Social Lottery Ltd. (Registered in: England and Wales, Registration Number: 09071509 - VAT No: GB 7051311382 Hova House, 1 Hova Villas, Brighton & Hove, BN3 3DH, United Kingdom, – hereinafter referred to as Organizer - provides the possibility of playing collective lottery on lottery games operated by the national lottery organizers through the LOTTOINGROUP.COM website.

(2) Legal relationship between the Organizer and natural persons over the age of 18, already taking part or wishing to participate in groups organized by the LOTTOINGROUP.COM, the present Terms shall prevail.

(3) The participants of LOTTOINGROUP.COM, by entering the game declare that they are bounded by present Terms and also commit themselves to respect its regulations. Following the entry process and the payment of the membership fee (i.e. uploading the mimimum deposit amount) participant becomes a member – hereinafter referred to as Participant - of the system.

(4) Organizer reserves the right to modify the present Terms with no prior notice. In case of amendment Organizer informs the Participant about the case by sending an e-mail message, or publishes the amended version on the LOTTOINGROUP.COM website. The changes will take effect on the 15th day following the publication/notification, so the users who continue using the site after that date, signifies their acceptance of the revised Terms.

(5) In order to defense the juvenile, persons under the age of 18 are not eligible to participate in the game, so they cannot join the groups. Therefore Organizer does not allow for the persons under the age of 18 creation of user accounts and use of services. Similarly, the Lottoingroup does not accept registrations from the USA and the Israel.

(6) Organizer accepts, that Participant can visit and use the services of the present site, by supposing that he/she corresponds to "Terms" and relevant legislation only.

One Participant can be attached to one registration only.

Participant acknowledges that he/she adopts the present “Terms” according to his/her own will and assumes the responsibility that if he/she does not comply with this contract (especially, but not exclusively under 18 years old, duplicate registration), the Organizer in its sole sphere of action can delete the affected account, or restrict the access to the page, and even may suspend and withhold winnings.

Participant declares that

-without prior written authorization of Organizer, does not copy, change, use in details or as a whole, resell, reproduce, extend, publish and/or disclose any information located at and its sub-pages.

- he/she does not use the system tools of the LOTTOINGROUP.COM page for not allowed commercial purpose, or for other purposes that are contrary to law, or good taste.

- he/she does not disturb or hinder the normal functioning of the site and its associated servers, network devices, networks, does not use or install an automated system, does not slow down the page intentionally or unintentionally.

- he/she does not try to circumvent the security features of the page to copy the information placed on it, and/or to use its content for not permitted purposes.

Organizer may take legal action against the ones violating the above bulleted prohibitions.

(7) Organizer handles with strict confidence all the information about the players. This rule can be resolved solely in case of making decisions on the basis of the applicable law, or in case of the player's breach of contract.

Every Participant can choose his/her secret user name and password, which can be changed in the future. The Participant is liable for maintaining the confidentiality of this information. All the communication via the Internet will be recorded by Organizer.

Provisions relating to the processing of data can be learned in detail here: Privacy Policy.

2. Definitions

Participants visiting the site may deposit a membership fee, and so they can take part in the collective lottery game. Once Participant made a payment on his/her balance, the uploaded amount will be available for entry into sections and ticket groups created by Organizer /*and/or Participant*/.

The groups are created by Organizer and – after preliminary registration – by Participant. The headcount of the groups can be determined.

The Organizer is the cited above Social Lottery Ltd. and its successors registered in United Kingdom.

Participant name: public (nick) name chosen by the participant.

The Password is the password given by Participant while first time entered in online gaming mode, which allows him/her to participate in the game subsequently. Participant can change the password any time in the future at his/her own will.

The Organizer indicates under each groups, how much the cost of one ticket and position will be, also displays the possible groups, marks their status, and the price of joining the group.

Combinations in the groups are visible for Participants of LOTTOINGROUP.COM; if a group is full, a new one will be created automatically.

In order to register the Participant must have a live e-mail address, because after the entering of personal data and adoption of the Terms of the game, Participant will receive all the information via e-mail messages.


(1) Organizer - through the LOTTOINGROUP.COM site - provides the opportunity of playing lottery collectively on the state lottery games, set up by national lottery organizers.

(2) The Participant has to complete a registration form for the first time, and then upload his/her balance. Thus Participant becomes a member on the page.

(3) Organizer declares that it does not promote lottery games, does not sponsor any of them, nor does carry on gambling or other gambling activities which are subject to licensing. The site is simply organizing groups, and for this activity specific statutory authorization is not required. (UK Gambling Commission website, Lottery Sector, Lottery Syndicate, Example 1 - Syndicate organizer.).

Furthermore, the Organizer states that because of its group organizing activity it does not belong to organizations supervised by the FCA.

Organizer does not charge or pay any yields or interests, nor handling or other expenses after the membership fees paid by Participant, except when it’s otherwise stated at the payment gate.

(4) Participants join the page voluntarily, however they notes that Organizer does not provide any guarantee for entering into the groups through the website and especially for the dispatching of tickets. However, the Organizer has to do every possible actions to ensure the correct dispatching of lottery tickets.

4. Opportunity to participate in LOTTOINGROUP.COM

(1) User account and registration.

In order to collective participation in games provided by website the Participant's registration is required, when the basic personal data will be given. Registration will be successful only if Participant provides the following real data:

  • first name
  • individual username,
  • individual e-mail address
  • future account password
  • Currency for registering the Participant's deposits and winnings

After logging in must be provided:

  • residential address
  • full name
  • bank account number - optionally

If the Participant gives false information, the legal consequences of that fact lies on him/her and also the registration will be deleted.

(2) After the registration Participant uploads his/her balance, and then by paying the membership fee he/she can take part in the game from anywhere via Internet. Membership fee can be uploaded continuously, and its total amount can be used for playing.

All the Participants can create only one account for personal use. Participant acknowledges that his/her user account can only be used by himself/herself, and he/she is not allowed to use accounts of other persons.

Participant will be personally responsible for his/her account and also for all activities related to it. Participant declares that he/she will make all the required efforts to protect the security of his/her account, including the proper storage of passwords as well.

Each user account has an internal balance section, which can be used to track the various transactions.

Participant is obliged to notify the Organizer immediately after the detection of hacking or unauthorized use of the account.

(3) User account restrictions. Prohibited to register on the website and its sub-pages for any person or organization

which have any connection with any lottery games that are available through the site, or which are involved in their operation,

who employed by a national lottery organizer company.

who has not reached the age of 18

which is not suitable according to the law.

You shall not be located at the time of joining our lottery groupsyndicate in any country in which you are not permitted to participate in remote betting/gaming. For example, the US-anti online gambling laws and Federal Anti-Lottery Laws prohibit us from playing with the residents of the United States. Change of residence can also affect your membership.

5. Deadline for participation in LOTTOINGROUP.COM, acquisition of participation entitlement.

(1) Becomes to be entitled to participate in the game, who has completed the registration sheet and possesses a valid user name and password. Participant’s Membership will be valid for 90 days after uploading the balance, and then each time of crediting, it will be extended by a further 90 days period automatically.

(2) To join the group is possible for a Participant who has the appropriate amount available on his/her balance. Participant can upload the internal balance page at any time. By adoption of the present Terms Participant agrees that joining the groups is possible only and exclusively by using the available financial resources. The joining fee will be automatically deducted from the Participants balance by Organizer.

(3) The draw of winning numbers are performed by national lottery organizers. The results of draw depends on numbers (winning numbers) drawn, and that numbers will be pulled out by the national lottery organizers in form of public draws. Participants join a particular group by taking into consideration terms and conditions of the national lottery(ies) supervisory organization(s). Participants should refer to these terms and conditions.

Participant declares that, as described in the preceding paragraph, he/she is familiar with all the terms and conditions of the games, and he/she accepts them also.

(4) The prices of the groups and also the headcount and number of tickets for a particular group are determined in advance by Organizer. The displayed price is the actual cost of joining that group and includes the followings:

  • the price of lottery tickets.
  • the Organizers fees (handling of tickets, dispatching, administration, etc.)
  • the operating costs of servers, website.
  • the Organizers coordinating and marketing costs - organizing members for groups.

The cost of joining the group depends on:

  • the base cost of the game(s) in the group
  • the number of members of the group.
  • regularity of dispatching tickets (taking into account e.g. lottery tickets playing on several draws).

Organizer always displays the prices of groups in that actual currency, which was chosen by Participant (and can be changed later) while registering.

(5) The price of the group can be paid by Participant in form of debiting his/her balance only. As long as the Participant’s balance is not uploaded by the appropriate amount, he/she cannot join the group. Once the Participant has paid the price for the group, and entered there with one or more positions, the tickets are in waiting mode, and only come into play after reaching the maximum headcount of that group. If the number of members is below the level needed – namely the group is not fulfilled – the tickets of that group won’t play.

Organizer does not lead back to the Participant's balance the price of these sections, because each of groups, when fulfilled, will play in next draw which follows the closing of that group. Fulfilling of a group may take a few hours, but can be up to several weeks, depending on the number of Participants.

Participants can track the actual state of each group through their own internal account.

(6) Participant will be able to join the group if his/her balance is uploaded. For uploading the Organizer provides several options. Participants can get detailed information about these options on the Members page.

(7) Participant declares that his/her balance at the Organizers financial partner will be uploaded based on valid and entitled to use for him/her bank or credit card details only. Any incidental, single or ongoing fees, related to assets management made by credit card or other payment card issuers, banks or alternative providers, solely borne by the Participant.

(8) Participant acknowledges that he/she pays a membership fee. This membership fee can entirely be used to join the groups. Organizer defines a minimum amount of membership fees, which are as follows:

£5.00; €7.00; $8.00; HUF2,000; CZK170.00; PLN27.00; ₹470.00

Participant can join the groups up to the amount of his/her balance. The balance can be uploaded at any time, and the new balance can be used for joining groups whenever. About the upload options Participant can get more information at websites payment modes section. Participant acknowledges that by using some of the payment methods additional costs may apply. These incidental costs cannot be attributed to Organizer.

Participant declares that he/she understood the rules concerning payments, and do not dispute them. Participant is fully aware of different payment methods and incidental costs concerned.

(9) Refunds

Once LOTTOINGROUP.COM has received your refund request, it will be reviewed and you will be notified of the approval or rejection of your refund within a 72 hour period. LOTTOINGROP.COM can only issue a partial or full refund on the value of the items purchased or deposited, no bonus funds of any kind are included in the refund.

If your refund is approved, it will be processed, and a credit will be applied to your credit card or original method of payment used. A refund can take up to 48-72 hours.

Late or missing refunds - If your refund has not been settled, first check your bank account again. Then contact your credit card company or the company of the payment method used for the refund, it may take some time before your refund is officially processed on their end.

If you’ve done all of this and you still have not received your refund yet, please contact our support team on

(10) Completion of participation, bancellations

Participant’s membership will be valid for 90 days after the latest uploading payment, then it is paused, later can be terminated. The membership may be also terminated voluntarily by Participants registering out. Please cancel my account

LOTTOINGROUP.COM refund the amount which is available on the balance after deduction of bank charges and no bonus funds of any kind are included in the refund.

(11) Reimbursement of a position. Participant acknowledges that based on present Terms - except for some special cases - the price of join the groups, and some other expenses - including the winnings – will be not repayable by Organizer.

If Participant has any questions concerning the payments and joining the groups, he/she can notify the Organizer by using its public availabilities.

Reimbursement of a position. Participant acknowledges that based on present Terms - except for some special cases - the price of join the groups, and some other expenses - including the winnings – will be not repayable by Organizer.

If Participant has any questions concerning the payments and joining the groups, he/she can notify the Organizer by using its public availabilities.

6. Lottery draws, dispatching of tickets

(1) LOTTOINGROUP.COM does not perform lottery draws, merely provides the opportunity to play lottery collectively, creates groups, and coordinates their participation in the national lottery games. Organizer fixes up groups, provides interface in order to join the groups, dispatches the tickets and furthermore ensures the picking up and distribution of winnings among the members of the groups. Organizer notifies Participant about the winnings via e-mail message.

Participants take part in these lottery games in strict accordance with terms of use of national lottery operators, which terms must be examined and accepted by Participants individually and independently.

(2) In order to join a group and thereby to be allowed to get share from prizes which are won by dispatched tickets of that group, Participant must have an active registration status and also it is necessary to adopt the present Terms.

(3) Rules of joining the groups. If Participant wants to become a member of a group, he/she can select the wanted group at LOTTOINGROUP.COM website, and then initiate access into the selected one. Subsequently, the price of entering the group will be deducted from the balance of Participant. Participant cannot join the group if there is not enough money in his/her account. After uploading his/her balance, Participant can join the groups again at any time, of course.

(4) The groups taking part in draws depend on the number of Participants and also their positions in that particular group. The not fulfilled groups will not take part in draws, as long as they do not reach the minimum headcount required to get started.

(5) The ticket dispatching deadline for each group respectively will be displayed by Organizer. The deadline depends on the number of national lottery tickets and their official posting dateline, in that particular group. The group(s) fulfilled after the actual dispatching deadline, will take part in the following lottery draws only.

(6) Participant hereby entrusts the Organizer, to represent him/her concerning the ticket dispatching, as described in present Terms.

7. Prize fund and its distribution.

All the prizes achieved by a group through LOTTOINGROUP.COM, entirely – 100 percent - will be distributed among the members of that group.

After the state organized lottery draw has been performed, Participants who previously joined the related group(s) can check the tickets and the winning numbers.

Within each group, the prize shall be divided equally among the members of that group.

8. Prize entitlement, identification of winners and payment of winnings.

(1) Crediting of all winnings takes place in accordance with the rules and payment deadlines of the national lottery organizers only. The prize amount will be transferred to Social Lottery Ltd.’s bank account only after the relevant payment deadline expires.

Organizer - although tries to do its best in order to do the normal operation – do not take responsibly for not dispatched tickets, and furthermore will credit the winnings of Participants of winning group(s) on their virtual winning accounts.

(2) The winnings gained through the web interface of LOTTOINGROUP.COM will be transferred by Organizer to the Participant's real bank account, in case of his/her special request and when reaching the minimum amount of payout, determined by the Organizer.

The minimum amount of payout is: 25 USD; 15 GBP; 20 EUR; 5000 HUF; 425 CZK; 65 PLN; 1125 INR

(3) Any tax obligation arising from the winnings lies with the Participant. Organizer cannot be held for responsible concerning the resident tax obligations of Participant, however in case of request, Organizer shall issue a certificate about the winnings.

If Participant does not want the winnings to be paid out by Organizer, so the amount of the prize can be used at any time for any game during the membership period.

(4) Organizer will credit the prizes for Participants who took part in the winning group. The winnings are credited to the Participant’s internal account automatically. The exceptions are those prizes, which will be transferred later to the Organizer by national lottery organizers.

The prizes will be credited only when the Organizer got them into his own account from the national lottery organizers. Thereafter the Organizer will credit Participant’s share of winnings to his/her account.

Since the prize payments for winnings over the amount specified by the national lottery companies, are not paid out immediately or not made in form of lump sum (e.g. in the form of annuity), therefore Organizer determines the maximum amount of credits to be distributed among the members of the group immediately.

- EuroMillions
automatic: up to 499 EUR prize immediately.
withheld / manual crediting: above 500 EUR prize will be credited according to the lottery organizers payment
Payment time: a few weeks after the draw.

- MegaMillions and PowerBall
automatic: up to 599 USD prize immediately.
withheld / manual crediting: above 600 USD prize will be credited according to the lottery organizers payment
Payment time: a few weeks after the draw. In form of lump sum or as an annuity for 29-30 years.
details at the game descriptions.

- Hungarian lotteries
automatic: up to 199.999 HUF prize immediately.
withheld / manual crediting: above 200.000 HUF prize will be credited according to the lottery organizers payment
Payment time: a few weeks after the draw.

9. List of prizes

All the players taking part in the game legitimately, will receive a notification about the winning numbers drawn via their own interface. The winners will be required to notify the Organizer through this interface.

Organizer also displays the prize distribution, so the amount of prize money, that one position in worth.

10. Possibilities of the system

(1) Organizer provides the possibility of choosing a language for Participant. Participant can decide, which language he/she wants to use to be displayed on page. The choice of the language is voluntary, but it is possible that the system will offer a default language while entering the website (e.g. based on the browsers language).

The language of keeping contact is the one which was specified by the Participant, and it can be changed at any time by the Participant. However, it is possible that the Organizer cannot communicate on the language selected by Participant, then English will be the main language of communication.

(2) In the online gaming mode, after joining the Organizers server via the Internet world wide network, the Participant can provide all the necessary information with the help of the program by entering his/her personal ID (Participant Name) and password. Participant, by sending information required via the Internet, can:

a. / ask for basic information about the system and the game participation.

b. / join the group(s).

c. / create his/her own group(s).

d. / get information about his/her winnings and general statistical data.

e. / check the played numbers and groups.

(3) Organizer aims to provide real and valid information, but cannot guarantee that all the contents of the site are authentic, current, complete or error-free.

Organizer reserves the right of changing the contents entirely or partly without the prior and subsequent notification of Participants.

Participant declares that using of contents entirely or partly is based on his own responsibility.

(4) Organizer, in order to put the Participant in the picture, provides different notifications, news about the lottery games, groups and events related. The news service typically means coverage through the website and e-mail.

Single e-mail notifications are typically:

  • registration activator.
  • password reminder.
  • data modifying - changing e-mail address.

Participant accepts that Organizer regularly sends to him/her e-mail notifications regarding the following topics:

  • group entering/changing
  • winnings
  • credits
  • deposits
  • topical news and information
  • other news and information.

Organizer does not charge any fees for notifications listed above.

(5) Participant acknowledges, that all the actions, published on the site or in form of e-mail notices for promotional purposes, are subjects of present Terms.

(6) Organizer can place on the site web links leading to a third page, which are not operated by Organizer, so Organizer does not have any influence on these pages, and so does not take any responsibility for those sites. Participant cannot claim any rights against the Organizer in connection with the use of such third sites.

(7) Organizer enables Participant to use links, leading to the and its sub-pages, considering the following conditions:

  • links, cites can be placed on his/her own website only.
  • he/her does not place cite leading to the website on a location that is
  • offensive, includes controversial content,
  • violates rights relating to personal data and private property,
  • violates good morals, good taste, or
  • infringes the law.
  • he/she does not clone the page, just refer to it.
  • he/she does not say and does not suggest in any form untruth about the site.
  • he/she does not say untruth about his/her relationship to the site.

Organizer reserves the right to decide about the conditions at its sole sphere of action.

10. Participants identification and entry into the system

Participant, who identified himself at the request of the system, can join the pre-defined groups of the game.

11. Entering the numbers wanted to play with

Participant currently cannot enter the wanted numbers to play with, because they are automatically generated and presented on LOTTOINGROUP.COM site by Organizer.

12. Safety rules

Organizer manages with strictest confidence all the information concerning Participants. This rule can be resolved solely in case of making decision on the basis of applicable law and also in case of violating the rules by Participant.

All the Participants can choose their Participant name and then will receive from the Organizer the secret password, which can be changed later. Participant takes responsibility for maintaining the confidentiality of this information.

All the communications carried through the Internet will be recorded by Organizers.

The lottery tickets, as receipts from the lottery games, which will become the property of the group, Organizer shall retain for six months.

13. Data protection

Participant agrees, that all the personal information collected by Organizer in the context of using the and its sup-pages, and/or using the services of those pages, can be used up by Organizer in compliance with Privacy Policy, under conditions specified therein.

The content, the style of appearance and the design of page and its sub-pages are under copyright protection.

Consequently, it is prohibited, without prior written permission of the right-holder, in any form to assign, reproduce, print, make available to the public, or store by excess the private use measurement, the content of the website or website design entirely or partly.

14. Guarantee

(1) Participant acknowledges, that the following rules are valid for the total content of the and its sub-pages. It is possible that - specified by each country – retention of some guaranties are not allowed, so in these cases, the concerned part of detailed below rules does not apply. These cogent rules are defined by legal regulations.

(2) Organizer disclaims any guaranties regarding the site. This website and its sub-pages can be used in a state, which Participant experiences while staying there.

(3) Organizer makes all the possible efforts to ensure that the site is free from errors, bugs, security vulnerabilities, or virus attacks. Participant acknowledges, that the Organizer shall not be liable for the abnormal operation of the site, including the occasional and periodic maintenance, upgrades, or other reasons, such as technical problems resulting from specialty of the Internet, server outages, congestions, slow connections, and also resulting from listed above information flow or data transmission errors.

Organizer declares, that with all of its staff attempts to operate the page by filtering out all the error options listed above.

(4) Participant acknowledges, that Organizer shall not be held responsible if, due to the fault of its service partners or other human omissions, clerical error occurs while dispatching tickets, the ticket is lost, it is failed to buy a ticket in time or to submit the prize claim in time. These constituted as events of absolute necessity.

If absolute necessity event occurs, Organizer reserves the right to close the concerned group, while the price of the joining that group reimburse to the balance of Participant. In case of buying more positions, the price of all purchased positions will be credited to Participant's account.

(5 Organizer shall not be liable for any content, information, which are displayed or advertised by a third party. However, Organizer strives to assure that these pages and ads contain the most authentic information.

(6) The contents relating lottery draws, including the results of draws, which are displayed on site and its sub-pages, Organizer obtains from official lottery organizers. For these information and data Organizer shall not be liable.

Participant can find on the official lottery game organizers webpage all the relevant data and clear rules of playing. Organizer does not guarantee, that the draw will be really settled by lottery organizers, neither that the dispatched tickets will be accepted by them.

Organizer does not accept any liability for actions taken by the national lottery organizers. By present Terms Participant waives any of claims, which are based on the Organizers relationship, or even lack of relation, with the national lottery organizers and other partners.

(7) The is not a lottery organizer, does not perform lottery draws, neither provides an interface for them, merely conveys the contract between the members of various game communities. Participant is responsible for joining the group(s). In case of any disputes in connection with the particular lottery game - e.g. ticket dispatching, lottery draws, etc. – Organizer cannot be involved in any claiming or compensating case by Participant.

In case of any disputes, in order to protect interests of the individual and/or group, Organizer can take steps to the lottery organizer after prior consultation and agreement only. Organizer reserves the right to monitor the process while dispute resolution is going on.

(8) Organizer assures the fixing up of regular course of business for groups and Participants. The Organizer is responsible for any losses or damages which are caused intentionally by itself, its legal representative or the person involved in the implementation. The liability is limited to direct damages, additionally the Organizer shall not be liable for indirect or consequential damages caused by injurious events. The responsibility does not change in case of damages of human life, body or health, that results from committed intentionally negligent misconduct of Organizer, Organizers representative or person involved in the implementation, and also in case of any other damages, that results from grossly negligent breach of duty of Organizer, Organizers representative or person involved in the implementation.

(9) Organizer shall not be held responsible for any kind of late or missing transactions, that caused by fault of computer systems of companies servicing the page, and it is not responsible as well for any other computer or communications errors that arises during the transactions. Furthermore, Organizer cannot be held accountable if the particular group overdue the dispatching deadline, and so if the ticket(s), despite the sameness, could not participate in lottery draw.

Only the approved and dispatched in advance by Organizer tickets will participate in the game, and in case of winning, the prize will be divided among all the members of the winning group.

15. Liability and warranty

Organizers, persons involved in operating the page, as well as their direct and indirect partners, trustees, agents, any contributors, working for those persons and organizations employees, subcontractors, cannot be held responsible for any monetary, offending common morality or violating ones reputation damages, or even for possibly resulted by them damages, financial or other losses.

The persons mentioned above shall not be liable under any circumstances, until the amount, which was paid by Participant in that particular case for joining the group (within 3 months), or until the amount of 80 EUR. If the law in the Participant's country regulates otherwise, those rules will prevail.

On the basis of present Terms, Participants accept, that forenamed in this article (15) persons are protected from any possible damage claims, loss reimbursements, responsibility and obligation, as well as from any material and nonmaterial expenses, arising as a result of debating between the Participant and lottery organizer, or using of and its sub-pages, and violating of present Terms.

Organizer and Participant declares, that both of them intend to settle all the disputes peacefully, avoiding the legal way.

Organizer excludes the liability for any loss of Participant, which occurs as a result of any actions made by a third person, or as a result of absolute necessity or as a result of other, not attributable to Organizer, reasons. Organizer shall not be liable for clerical errors, nor for the possibly occurring program errors.

16. Principle of responsible gaming

(1) Although the collective lottery game normally not constitutes as gambling activity, but still have a connection to the gambling, since the groups participate in official lottery games.

Organizer prefers the principle of responsible gaming, accordingly makes the following recommendations to Participants:

  • Set limits for himself/herself!
  • Do not reckon the collective lottery as source of income!

(2) Nowadays many people have problems concerning the gambling addiction, which is a less well-known gaming passion. If the Participant feels that he/she cannot decide responsibly about joining the groups, it is recommended to visit the following page:

17. Termination of legal relationship, assignment of rights

(1) The present Terms shall be valid until the Participant or the Organizer eliminates it. From Participant’s part it will be ceased when he/she cancels the registration. Organizer reserves the right to terminate the Participant’s user account at any time. Organizer notifies the Participant about the reason of termination, and also the parties will consult about the possibly remained behind balance of the Participant’s user account.

Organizer shall not be held responsible by Participant, nor by third-party for changes or termination of any parts of the page.

(2) If Participant does not agree to any of points or amendments of present Terms, or he/she is not satisfied with the operation of the page, or simply wish to terminate his/her membership, he/she can immediately discontinue the use of the site, and/or can terminate his/her membership.

(3) Organizer reserves the right to restrict, or optionally to delete, the accounts of completely inactive Participants. Organizer may send notifications to inactive Participants about the status of their accounts.

(4) Once Participant’s membership has been ceased, he/she subscribes to still be bounded to submit all the points of present Terms, which regulates the responsibilities, restrictions, protection of intellectual property, disclosure, data protection, guaranty terms, liability and warranties, management of rights, and other general provisions.

(5) Participant cannot assign to others the rights and opportunities he/she has got by registration, neither can transfer his/her user account. Participant can invite relatives, friends, acquaintances, if he/she wants to. In case Participant wants to learn more about the invitations, referral opportunities, he/she may visit the following page:

(6) Organizer is allowed to assign all the management rights and permissions of the page without restrictions, without the consent of the Participant and without any prior notice.

18. Other provisions, procedures, settlements

(1) In case of any requests and/or debates, related the present Terms or connected with using of and its sub-pages, the parties try to seek an amicable solution.

Participant acknowledges that the Organizer has its headquarters in the UK, and so the settlement of disputes is going on here. In case of dispute settlement, each of the parties are required to incur their own expenses while the process is going on.

(2) In case of any disputes related to payments, provisions of present Terms shall be applied. All the disputed issues Participant can explain through the Organizers customer service availabilities.

(3) Organizer declares that he gets absolute no share from the winnings in any form at all.

19. Final regulations

Organizer reserves the right to modify, redesign, or even eliminate the page, without prior justification, at any time. The present Terms, as well as the legal relationship between the Participant and Organizer, are governed by the laws in force in the United Kingdom.

By adopting the present Terms Participant waives his/her right to participate in judicial proceedings singly, or as member of a legal action group. If any part of present Terms will be adjudged by a venue invalid, the other points still remain valid.

Participant declares, that if he/she wants to base a legal action, he/she has a one year term, counted from the date of arising, to do that, and after this time it will be ceased.

By registration and use of this website Participant agrees with the present Terms, and also abides himself/herself by its impositions.

Participant acknowledges that the site is currently in "beta" version, so the Organizer is not responsible for any malfunctions.

Organizer declares, that considers itself bound by present Terms, and also agrees with all of its provisions. This policy is valid from the date of 31 July 2014, and its provisions should be applied for the games organized after that date. At the same time, all the previously approved provisions will be expired.

Brighton & Hove, 8th August 2014
Social Lottery Ltd.

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