Security and protection

For us, the and its sub-pages, and certainly for you as a Participant, the issue of safety is very important.

Therefore our site is run under SSL Certificate
The security certificate is provided by GeoTrust, one of the largest digital certificate providers of the world. The GeoTrust is owned by Symantec.

The SSL protocol can secure the communication between the site visitors and the web server. It helps to prevent the leak of personal data to unauthorized people.

The world’s major business units now use the SSL technology. The 128-bit encryption protects against unauthorized access to the messages, and builds a secret channel, which on today’s level of technological development - guarantees the inviolability of messages.

The browser, used by the buyer (which should be at least Internet Explorer 5.0 or Netscape Navigator 4.7) encrypts the credit card holders data before the transmission, they can get to their destination in encrypted form, so the data is incomprehensible to unauthorized persons.

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