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This Privacy Policy – hereinafter referred to as Policy - regulates handling of all the private data (see below), which are received, collected and stored by Social Lottery Ltd. – hereinafter referred to as Organizer - from social lottery players – hereinafter referred to as Participants - that visiting and using page and its subpages.This Privacy Policy is an essential part of Terms and Conditions..

1. Data protection

(1) Handling, storing, processing, transmitting and protecting the Participants data is a priority case for Organizer. This Policy was created by Organizer in order to inform the Participants about what kind of personal data will be stored, handled and used by us, while they are using our webpage and its services. Personal data is any data which by itself or in conjunction with other data is suitable to identify Participant.

(2) Organizer as operator and provider of LOTTOINGROUP.COM webpage handles all the personal data based on Participant’s endorsement and appropriate law(s). Participants using the website voluntarily agree to this Policy.

Organizer reserves the right to modify the Policy with no prior notice. Following the amendment Organizer publishes the amended version on the website, and informs the Participants about the case by sending an e-mail message. Participants adopt the new Policy, or if not, there’s a possibility to delete themselves from the site. Since the changes will take effect within eight days following the publication, so the users who continue using the site signify their acceptance of the revised Policy.

By providing of the service Organizer is allowed to collect, handle and store Participant’s personal data.

Participant declares that all the data required for use of certain features of the site was given voluntarily and freely.

Organizer declares, that also those data can be stored, that were given by Participant about an external person, typically data of the invited persons.

Organizer always manages the Participant’s personal data in accordance with current data protection legislation in the United Kingdom.

(3) Because of the closed nature of group lottery page, and since using of its services needs registration, therefore certain information is required to create the user account. In order to Organizers centralized data management and processing, the obligatory data required from Participant to register are:

  • first name,
  • individual username,
  • individual e-mail address,
  • future password of the account,
  • chosen currency for registering Participant’s deposits and winnings.

After logging in, information to be provided:

  • Address
  • Full name
  • Bank account number - optional (if payment is necessary in case of payout)

(4) This website contains cash flows, so the Organizer sets below the rules of related data handling. Participant can choose several payment options to upload and payout. About these options the page communicates.

a) In case of prize payout, the Organizer is allowed to require more personal data (e.g. bank account number, credit card information) from Participant, to ensure purity of the payment.

b) Participant agrees that data concerning deposits, payouts and entering groups - in compliance with the prevailing statutory regulations - can be stored and processed by Organizer and / or Organizers computing subcontractors.

These data are available only for data-processor, so the Organizer, or for staff assigned to data management, and possibly for Organizers computing subcontractors.

It is forbidden to transfer, sale or share for use of the personal data (master data) to third parties - excluding subcontractors - not directly involved in the transaction.

c) Participant has to upload a deposit in order to join groups. Organizer requires data to ensure a successful transaction. Such data are the bank/credit card numbers, as well as other card and invoicing information, that’s necessary for a successful payment. Participant can separately contribute to the regular payment, whereby a predetermined period of time - e.g. on a weekly basis - automatically uploads the balance through the system.

d) Participant acknowledges that the Organizer may use a third party also in order to provide the success of payment transactions. Participant declares that he/she gets to know the specific rules for resource usage of these partners, accepts them and holds itself bound about them. Organizer provides summary description of each payment method on the website, if necessary, by reference to the servicing third party site.

e) For safety, in case of paying by credit card Organizer may request documents suitable to verify the personal data. These are:

  • identity card
  • driving license
  • passport
  • address proofing document, or utility bill
  • Copy of both sides of the credit / debit card (needed for verifying only, so masking of the CVC / CVV is allowed).

Organizer stores all the sent documents mentioned above with maximum thoroughness and most careful manner, the false documents - for example copies of cards sent to us with visible security codes - will be deleted.

Organizer may request certain information in order to identify Participant. These requests of information are needed for more accurate and safer identification. Organizer declares that he does not take any responsibility for faulty identification by the Participant, or any abuses concerning the name of Participant.

(6) In order to assure security and retrieval Organizer observes all the processes on the website – by running a log file. Among others records IP addresses, entering-exiting the page data, browser type, internet service provider, the pages viewed and information sent by the browser (cookies). Mainly these data used for statistical and marketing purposes, but in exceptional cases they can be used in the legal procedure also.

2. Cookie management

(1) This website ( uses a variety of cookies (cookies) to provide much better and more personalized service for the users.

The Cookie policy explains what the cookie is, describes how to use cookies on the Site and how you can manage them.

(2) What is the cookie?

The cookies are text files functioning as small information packets, which are sent by the server to your computer, smart phone or other device when you visit a website. Your device saves them, and returns every time you later visit the original website or another website that recognizes that cookie. Cookies are useful because they help the website to recognize the user's device.

It is possible, that some of the cookies that set out below or even all of them are already stored in your browser. Cookies can be observed and managed in the Participant’s browser. You may find that some browsers do not provide this option, in this case it is advisable to inquire from developer.

(3) Types of cookies used by Organizer on and its subpages – hereinafter referred to as Pages – are:

a) Preferences

These cookies allow the pages to remember the operating mode or appearance of the website, for example, which language was chosen by the Participant or information about modifying the region of residence. By remembering the region, it can provide the certain information about lottery draws in the time zone specified by the browser. Owing to the help of these cookies text size, font size, as well as other parts of the web pages can be modified.

b) Security

The site uses security cookies to authenticate the Participants, to prevent them from abusing of login data, and in order to protect data concerning registered persons from unauthorized ones.

The security cookies allow to Participant

  • log into own user account,
  • select the access settings,
  • gather information and monitor the payments and other transactions.

The security cookies help in fraud preventing and data protection.

c) Processes, tracking

These cookies help in storage of information that determines how the user arrived at the Website.

Organizer sometimes uses cookies to trace discounts, click / tap-based actions, other interactions etc.

The cookies storing the processes help to ensure the operation of the site with the expected by visitors services, for example make easier the navigation between sub-pages or achieving secure areas of the website.

d) Session status

These cookies are essential to use the website as they are treating the information about the logged periods, and also assisting in navigation on the Website.

e) Cookies for analytical purposes

When someone visits the Organizers website, an anonymous cookie created by a web analytics software will help to determine whether the user has been to the site before. These cookies help to determine the number of visitors, their location and the pages visited by them also. All the data obtained here are used to assess the number of visitors, and then to enhance the quality of pages. Cookies for analytic purposes are suitable for collecting statistical data, but they cannot be used for personal identification.

This website uses Google Analytics. More information about cookies used by Analytics and about data protection you can get here:

(4) Participant can turn off cookies partly or entirely, but in this case some of the features of the website will not work.

More information about how to use cookies, Participant can get in the help menu of the used browser, or on the developer's websites.

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