PowerBall Numbers for September 28, 2016 – Results for $80 Million Jackpot Drawing

The Official PowerBall draw for Wednesday, 05-10-2016:

The Official PowerBall USA winning numbers:
8 18 27 29 60 The Power Ball was 15 and PowerPlay is 2x.

No won the jackpot, the total winning prize is: $91 Million with a cash option of $62.7 Million.

The Official PowerBall draw for Saturday, 05-10-2016: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VzBEI0FGiP8 via @YouTube

There were no jackpot winners for Wednesday's drawing...
The next drawing will be Saturday, October 8th, 2016

PowerBall Numbers for September 28, 2016 – Results for $80 Million Jackpot Drawing. There were no PowerBall jackpot winners in the last draw - Next jackpot: $91Million!

What is the Powerball lottery?

The PowerBall was originally launched in 1988, as so-called "Lotto America", then in 1992 the game being renamed to the current name, the PowerBall. The first draw under the new name was held on 19th April 1992, but it was not yet a significant lottery game those times.

In the past 25 years the game has grown properly, by joining in total of 44 (American) States, and also various changes being applied to it (winning numbers, prize structure).

In frames of these changes the annuity prize payments were extended from 20 yearly payments to 30, and also a cash option for the jackpot was added.

How to Win Powerball lottery?

The American PowerBall Lottery game uses two drawing spheres, which contains two sets of numbers, 1-69 and 1-26. If a player has matched 5 numbers drawn from the first sphere, while hits the 1 drawn from the second sphere too ("powerball"), then he/she win the jackpot.

The PowerBall game is very similar to the PowerBall, but with a significantly higher chance of winning.

More information about the PowerBall game: https://lottoingroup.com/en/game/about/powerball_v2

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