Mega Millions Numbers for October 7, 2016 – Results for $41 Million Jackpot Drawing

The Official MegaMillions draw for Friday, 30-09-2016:

The winning Mega Millions numbers: 24 37 42 50 65  The gold ball was 14 and Megaplier is 2x.

Since no one won the jackpot, the total winning prize is $49 Million with a cash option of $32 Million.

Official video: via @youtube

The next drawing will be on Tuesday, Oktober 4, 2016

Mega Millions Numbers for October 7, 2016 – Results for $41 Million Jackpot Drawing. There were no MegaMillions jackpot winners in the last draw - Next jackpot: $35 Million

What is the Mega Millions lottery?

The Mega Millions is one of the largest lottery games in US, and at the same time, the most popular too. Originally has been launched in 1996 as "small" lottery named "The Big Game" (The Big Game), initially with participation of three states, and with weekly - Fridays - draws.

Later several other states joined also, and the game was expanded by a further lottery draw day - Tuesday. On 17th May 2002 the game was renamed to Mega Millions.

On 17th October 2013 the lottery game’s format was changed. Since that, on the draws which are held twice a week, the winning numbers are pulled out from two glass spheres.

How to Win Mega Millions lottery?

The organizers draws 5 numbers from a possible 75 (1-75), which are known as the ‘white balls', and a further 1 number from a possible 15 (1-15), the gold colored ‘Mega’ ball. To win the jackpot players need to match all the 6 drawn lottery numbers. It is interesting, that in the two spheres are similar numbers (1-15) too, so the gold balls may be the same as white ones.
To bring home the jackpot prize, players need to match all 6 drawn lottery numbers.

More information about the Mega Millions game:

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