EuroMillions LOTTO RESULTS: Winning national lottery numbers for Friday, 07-10-2016

The Official EuroMillions draw for Friday, 07-10-2016:

The winning numbers are: 2 12 20 27 30 Euro Numbers  9 11

Next jackpot (double rollover): €166 /£149 Million

Official video:

The next EuroMillions drawing will be on Tuesday, Oktober 11, 2016

EuroMillions draw for Friday, 11-03-2016

What is the EuroMillions lottery?

Europe's largest, most popular lottery game, the EuroMillions, was launched on 7th February 2004, with participation of the United Kingdom, France and Spain, and the first draw was held on Friday 13th February 2004 in Paris.

Later Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland also joined the founding countries, thus increasing the prize fund, more countries, more ticket buyers.

How to Win EuroMillions?

The game format was changed in 2011 by addition of an extra draw each week, and also extra balls being added to the „star” number ball set.

On the game’s 2 number fields, players have to pick totally 7 numbers, 5 basic numbers from a pool of 50 (1-50), and in addition 2 so called star numbers from a pool of 11 (1-11)
To win the Jackpot, a player must match all the 7 numbers drawn.

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More information about the EuroMillions game:

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