EuroJackpot LOTTO RESULTS: Winning national lottery numbers for Friday, 07-10-2016

The Official  EuroJackpot draw for Friday, 07-10-2016:

The winning numbers are: 1 10 20 43 44 Euro Numbers 6 9

New Jackpot: €90M / £78M / $101M

Official video: soon...

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The next drawing will be Friday, Oktober 14, 2016

EuroJackpot official

What is the EuroJackpot lottery?

About the game On the number fields of EuroJackpot lottery tickets (hereinafter referred to as: tickets), the players selects 5 different numbers from a possible 50 (1-50) in the field "A", and at the same time, marks other 2 numbers from a possible 10 (1-10) in the field "B". The EuroJackpot lottery was launched in 2012 as a Pan-European lottery, with participation of seven countries: Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, and Slovenia.

The first draw was held on March 2012. In June 2012 Spain (which performs solely EuroMillions draws as well) joined also. After 1th February 2013 further new countries joined, six in all: Iceland, Croatia, Latvia, Lithuania, Norway and Sweden. On 10th October 2014, another expansion being made by joining two furthers to the previous fourteen countries, and since that Hungary and the Czech Republic are the players of EuroJackpot lottery too.

On that date the organizers changed the game format also, since before the players had to pick five from 50 possible numbers, and additionally two more from 8, but now these were increased from 8 to 10. Thus, the chance of hitting the Jackpot was increased to 1: 95 million, but it’s true, that still easier to achieve it, than on EuroMillions (1: 117 million) or on Powerball (1: 175 million).

How to Win EuroJackpot?

The EuroJackpot lottery was specifically designed in order to be a faster paced game, with more frequent leads to Jackpot, than its competitors (e.g. the EuroMillions lottery), where the completion of one single Jackpot often takes weeks or months. When to play EuroJackpot
The draws takes place every Friday in Helsinki, Finland between 20 and 21 hours (GMT).

Prizes The EuroJackpot’s guaranteed minimum Jackpot is EUR 10 million, and it continues to grow each week, until somebody hits it. If there is no a single lottery ticket with full match, the Jackpot prize will be rolled over to the next week's prize amount, resulting increased ticket sales and bigger prize payments on lower levels, while allowing the rapid growth of the Jackpot also.

The amounts of EuroJackpot’s prizes depends on: how many base games were received for that particular draw, is there any rolled over prize from the previous week, and how many winners are in prize tiers, namely from the numbers drawn, how many hits are realized by players in each of the prize tiers. The prizes will be paid/credited after deduction of taxes and fees. While designing the EuroJackpot lottery, organizers also wanted to assure, that there would be a maximum possible number of winning tickets in each of 12 different prize tiers.

More information about the EuroJackpot game:

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