It is very important for us to raise awareness about the various lottery frauds.

Unfortunately, one of the most popular forms of fraud among the criminals is to send e-mails promising lottery winnings. There is many of these attempts. These scams are generally based on the following model:

They send you a letter, which says that you won $ 2.5 million. Then, of course, they inform you, that you are the only person entitled to the prize, or your name was drawn out, and therefore they came forward.

Then they ask for your response. In case you answer, by the following e-mail you’ll be asked to pay some money in advance, ensuring them to transfer to you the total amount of (the non-existent) prize, or at worst, they may require your credit card information.

Thenceforth, it is clear what will happen (your money disappears, they get away with amounts from your card, etc.)

They often refer to the official lottery organizers, in Europe to the EuroMillions, in the USA to the Powerball mostly. These e-mails are not real of course, since none of the organizers send out such e-mails.

Our recommendations:

  • never reply to such kind of e-mails
  • never pay, and never send money or cheque, based upon unknown or suspicious letters
  • do not give out your credit card data
  • do not give out your personal data

These letters are very tempting because of the promise of easy money.

It’s recommended to read the following sites:

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