Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the main point of social lottery?

Social lottery means that a particular group of members purchase a certain number of lottery tickets and the winnings will be distributed among the group members. The ticket costs are less because they are shared among the group members.

More lottery tickets – better chance to win, and if either of the tickets wins, the prize will be distributed among the members.

2. What the is?

The basic function of the is to gather collective lottery players on one single website.

We operate the portal for participants with common sphere of interest, in our case for inquiring and active lottery players.

The game is realized by website according to the rules of state lotteries. The site is not engaged in gambling activities, merely a collecting/intermediary page.

3. Who can register on

Anyone above the age of 18 can register on

Therefore Organizer does not allow for the persons under the age of 18 creation of user accounts and use of services.

Similarly, the Lottoingroup does not accept registrations from the USA.

4. How to register?

First you have to define your login details: username and password. Then some personal data is required. The bank account number is needed only in case you claim a prize payment, so it is not obligatory at the registration.

It is important that only real persons can be group members, so we accept real, valid data only. In case the given data is not valid, we cannot make any prize payments.

About the details of registration (Terms and Conditions) you can learn more here:

5. What is the individual (deposit) identifier?

All the user deposits are identified by the individual identification number. It is important to indicate this number each time when you’re uploading your deposit, otherwise the deposit may be lost.

The individual (deposit) identifier must be indicated at every turn! This is IMPORTANT because this is the only way for us to identify the deposits!

6. What is the minimum deposit amount, and how can i upload it?

Once registered, you can upload your balance through your personal internal page:

Minimum deposit amount: $8.00; £5.00; €7.00; HUF2,000; CZK170.00; PLN27.00; ₹470.00

7. What factors affect the price of a position?

The price of a position is determined by the following factors: price of lottery tickets, dispatching costs, ongoing system development, supporting and operating costs (bank, credit card payment, administration, labor costs, servers, etc.).

These costs are divided on a percentage basis and then multiplied by the „normal” dispatch price of the group.

8. Which payment methods are available?

The following payment methods are available:

  • online bank transfer
  • account payment
  • credit or debit card payment
  • Skrill

You can upload your balance any time.
Depending on the chosen uploading method the money will be credited to your account within 1-4 days.

9. Is there any registration fee? will not charge any registration fee. Up to the amount of your deposit (your current balance) you can be a supporting member of the Association.  

10. Are there any other fees?

Registration is free.

The minimal deposit amounts: 5 USD; 3 GBP; 4 EUR; 85 CZK; 2000 HUF; 13 PLN; 400 INR, but you can upload more to your balance. The amount of your balance shall be used whenever you want in any of the groups.

For example: if you upload 10 EUR, you can take part in a MegaMillions – 1 week – 20 tickets – 1/10 group, which costs 1 EUR for you, so your remaining balance will be 9 EUR, and that can be used for joining a Euro Millions – 1 week –5 tickets – 1/40 group, which costs 1,85 EUR, and your current balance will be 7,15 EUR, and so on.

Your balance can be uploaded whenever you want, and you can join any group at any time.

11. How and when will the groups start?

Each group will start when the minimum number of participants get together.
On groups page ( you can observe the topical status of the groups.

12. When is a particular group going to start?

Each group is created automatically. When a group is full, a new one will be created, with a different combination of playing numbers of course.

13. I'd like to get more positions. is it possible?

Yes it is possible to get more positions. In a particular group you can choose in a drop down column how many positions you want to occupy.

14. How do you set the social lottery groups?

The system automatically creates the lottery tickets, playing numbers combinations. When the particular group is full, another one will be generated.

The groups that you’re in you can observe in My groups option.

15. Is it visible for other members, which group i'm in?

Members see each other’s groups.

16. How can i check the tickets and playing members in a particular group?

By clicking the number below to the „Group information/Playing fields” in a new (popup) window you can see the playing numbers.

17. Do the normal, weekly drawn lottery numbers win here also?

Of course they do, since dispatches all the lottery tickets of each groups to the officially organized and operated state lottery games.

18. How can i check whether i won?

By clicking on „My prizes” button you can follow up where, when, and in which group you got a hit that results payment for you.

19. Payment of prizes

You can request your payment by clicking on the „Prize request” button.

Minimum amount of payout: 25 USD; 15 GBP; 20 EUR; 425 CZK; 5000 HUF; 65 PLN; 1125 INR.

20. Will everyone get a share from the prize of the group?

Prizes achieved within the group will be divided only among the members of the group. This is an important principle of the social lottery.

In case of a group of 20 the prize will be distributed to 20. For example: in case of a 10.000.000 EUR prize the winning will worth 500.000 EUR for each position.

21. Do i have to play every week?

You do not have to play every week, but it is worth joining the groups from time to time, as this may increase your chance to win. The more groups you enter, the better the chance of winning.

22. Do i have to register every single time i want to play?

No. You have to register only once, then you can reach all of the groups all the time.

23. Why do i have to provide my bank account number?

Providing of the bank account number is not obligatory.
However winnings achieved within the group can be paid only by bank transfer, so in this fortunate case we have to know, where to send the money.

24. What should i do if i do not have a bank account number?

In case you do not have a bank account, please contact us, and we’ll work out your payment.

25. How many groups can i join?

Up to your current balance you can join unlimited number of groups.
If your balance is running low and you cannot join a group, all you need to do is just upload it by "Balance Upload" button.

26. Can i play with my own variations?

There is no possibility for playing with your own numbers.. Each group is created by the system.

If a group is full, the system automatically creates a new one with the same conditions, but with different playing numbers.

27. Do you have a question with tha payment options?

When you upload your balance please note that certain payment methods may take time - up to 1-2 working days.

What should you do if the uploaded balance does not appear in your account? It can happen rarely (eg. lack of identification number). In this case, please contact us at
In the letter please add the following information:

  • User name
  • Payment/Note exact time
  • Payment/The exact amount of the payment
  • How did you pay? (transfer, card, etc.)
  • The exact description of the issue

The above information help us to identify and solve your issue!
Thank you!

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