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Wherever you live on Earth, lottoingroup.com helps you to get a chance of winning millions.

By creating this website our purpose was to increase the chance of winning for communities. Operators of the site have been playing lottery in group for several years by now, and have been doing this with great success. This success has encouraged us to share the opportunity and our experiences in the field of social lottery. We want to share with you the taste of winning and of course its financial benefits. :)

The lottery ticket combinations are made by a serious algorithm for each group of players.

In case you join one or more of our groups, you can play by the same rules, have the same opportunities, but you have a better chance to win every single time.

Let’s win the lottery jackpots together! Join right now in order to increase your chance of winning!

Come and join us to make your dreams come true!

Our mailing address:

Social Lottery Ltd.

Registered in: England and Wales
Registration Number: 09071509
Hova House, 1 Hova Villas, Brighton & Hove, BN3 3DH, United Kingdom

e-mail: info##kk##lottoingroup.com

Playing in group = less costs = more tickets = better chance to win!

Let’s try our fortune together!

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