What is the social lottery?

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The essence of social lottery is that a particular group of members purchase a certain number of lottery tickets the costs of which are shared, and in case of winning the prizes will be distributed among the members.
More lottery tickets – more chance to win, and if either of the tickets wins, the prize money will be distributed among the members.
Did you know that the majority of lottery jackpots have been won by social players?

Why should you play as member of group?

  • you can play official state lotteries with less investment
  • for a certain amount you can get more tickets
  • more tickets mean better chance to win

The prize achieved within the group will be distributed only among the group members. This is an important principle of the social lottery.
In case there is a group of 10 members the prize will be divided into 10 parts. E.g. if the win is 10.000.000 EUR every position will get 1.000.000 EUR.

By using our lottoingroup.com website you can join groups from time to time, which means more tickets, thus an increased chance to win.

The more groups we start, the better chance of winning you get! Why don’t you join several groups right now?

Let’s go to win the lottery jackpots together!
Join us and increase your chance to win the billions of prizes!

Playing lottery in group = less costs = more tickets = better chance to win!

Let’s try our fortune together!

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