What is the social lottery?

Playing lottery in group = lower cost = more tickets = better chances to win!
It’s easier in community! Play in groups!

EuroJackpot 76 Million EUR
PowerBall 60 Million USD
MegaMillions 25 Million USD
EuroMillions 17 Million EUR
Skandináv 408 Million HUF
Ötöslottó 85 Million HUF
Hatoslottó 60 Million HUF

Why should you play as member of group?

The essence of the social lottery is that a particular group of members purchase a determinate number of lottery tickets and in case of win, the prizes will be distributed

By playing in group, the tickets costs are less, because they are shared between the group members.


After all, how does it work?

It’s very simple. A particular group purchases a determinate number of lottery tickets, and in case of winning, the prizes will be distributed among the members of that group.


About the LOTTOinGROUP

We provide to you the possibility of safe and comfortable collective lottery play, even on the world's largest prize competitions.

You don’t have even to get up from your couch or chair, by just a few clicks, you can be shared in billions of prizes.


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